Do You Need Energy Healing?

This 5-minute guided garden healing meditation uses garden imagery and energy medicine techniques for self-healing. Perfect for those who benefit from Reiki, Healing Touch, meditation, Tai Chi, or other energy healing modalities.

Guided Garden Healing Meditation Video

Guided Garden Healing Meditation


Imagine walking along a lovely outdoor path, leading you into a garden. It is your garden and very special to you. Imagine the path, whether made of stones, gravel, or simply earth. Envision all the natural surroundings leading up to your secret garden.


Imagine yourself tending to your garden. This is your own special place and you may make changes in your garden in any way you like, any time you wish. Perhaps there are weeds to be pulled, or there is overgrowth that needs to be cut back.


As you spend time in your garden, you notice a reflecting ball nearby. It is shimmering among the flowers with a warm glow. As you begin to approach the reflecting ball, you realize that it is emanating a beautiful white light. You sense that what you thought was a reflection ball is instead a beautiful ball of healing energy. 


You pick up the energy ball and sit down on a bench. As you hold it in your hands, the glow begins to expand, encompassing you and everything in your garden. You begin to feel very warm and relaxed as the energy enters your aura and your physical body, filling your being with beautiful healing.


Also, notice that the energy ball has cleared your garden of any unwanted weeds or overgrowth. The flowers and plants are beaming with health. Where there were weeds, now there is room for new seedlings to flourish. You can see them growing before your eyes. 


Take a moment to bask in the healing. Breathe in the healing, filling your lungs, and release any dis-ease with your exhalations. Just as your garden was cleared of unwanted weeds and unhealthy overgrowth, your physical body is cleared of all damaged cells and tissues, making room for brand-new cells and healthy tissues. Your muscles, bones, and organs are beaming with health. 


Bring your attention to your mind, and allow the healing ball to flood your consciousness, clearing all unproductive thought patterns, and slowing chaotic thoughts. Your mind is now calm and happy.


Take a deep breath and place the energy ball down on the soft grass next to you. Look at your hands and see that each palm is projecting the same white light as the ball.


Now, take a moment to say goodbye to this place that is yours alone. Then imagine yourself leaving and walking down the same lovely path. As you move away from your garden, notice how you feel right now. 


Slowly bring your consciousness back into the room and feel your body supported by the floor, chair, or mattress. When you are ready, open your eyes.

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