Do You Need Relief from Anxiety?

Anxiety can be debilitating, keeping us from living a full and joyful life. In this short meditation, you will acknowledge your anxious thoughts, and feel them begin to dissipate after an exercise in connecting to your inner state of being… your essence.

This meditation for anxiety is designed to be a quick remedy for nervousness, stress, irritation or any other negative state.

Meditation Video

Guided Meditation for Anxiety


Find a comfortable spot where you can relax.


Take a few deep cleansing breaths, inhaling for 5 seconds, holding for 2 and exhaling for 5 seconds.


Now, think about something that makes you anxious.


Place yourself in that situation in your mind. Allow the anxiety to take hold of you just a little.


Now, imagine that while you’re in that situation that causes you anxiety, your physical body slowly begins to turn into smoke or vapor.


First your fingers and hands, then your arms, until eventually your entire physical body slowly and gently disappears.


All that is left is the invisible essence of you… the part of you that cannot be injured, physically or mentally.


You no longer feel the weight of your physical body or your emotional body.


You feel light and untethered.


You feel free.


All of your anxiety, pain, and fear disappeared along with your physical body.


Bathe in this feeling of freedom and lightness, knowing that nothing can harm or disturb you. You are one with your Creator. All is well.


Begin to bring your consciousness back into your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes.


Use this exercise regularly to connect with your essence. Remember that your physical body may be temporary, but your consciousness… your spirit lives on for eternity.

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