Reiki and Money Energy

Money is a Form of Energy

According to Merriam-Webster, money is defined as “something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment”. Money was adopted as a medium of exchange to make life easier to trade products and services with each other.

Over time, money has been represented by various objects such as precious metals,  pieces of paper, and electronic codes. Money exists only when people place belief in its value.

Because money is a product of our collective belief system, I feel safe in calling it an “energy” system.

Using Reiki to Work with and Harness the Energy of Money

Reiki is a form of ki that is used for healing. We can heal our bodies, our minds, and our emotional states with the Reiki symbols. The first step in working with money energy is healing the blockages that keep us from receiving the flow of energy money. This includes healing and releasing old thought patterns about money and wealth. We must also heal emotional wounds that are connected to money, wealth, and security.

Healing Blockages in order to Open Channels of Money Energy

I like to use affirmations such as these:

I release all old negative beliefs about money energy. Money energy is neutral and abundant. 

I have the power to tap into multiple streams of money energy income.

I have the knowledge, experience, and skills to offer valuable products and/or services to others and they gladly give me money energy in exchange.

You can use these affirmations or write your own. Once you have the affirmations written on a piece of paper, hold it in your hand and draw the Reiki symbols over the paper. Carry the paper with you and do this several times a day.

Healing Emotional Wounds Connected to Money, Wealth and Security

This may take a lot of self-reflection to uncover the deeply held emotions we have regarding money. We may have grown up with parents who emphasized lack. We may have experienced poverty and feelings of helplessness. None of this is our fault, but we have to work on our belief system that lack is a reality. It is possible for us to regain our sense of self-sufficiency and experience the wealth of security and prosperity that the universe has to offer us.

Here are some ways to heal the emotional wounds caused by a lack of money energy:

  • Practice self-Reiki daily with an emphasis on healing old beliefs and wounds involving money.
  • Journal about our feelings and beliefs, paying attention to why we focus on lack and insecurity.
  • Use the Reiki symbols on a daily basis to set our affirmations in action.
  • Write down our dreams and goals.
  • Visualize our money energy increasing.
  • Bless the money energy we send out to pay our bills. Ask the Reiki guides to bless everyone our money touches.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Read books about developing a prosperity consciousness.
  • Spend time with others who are aligned with the prosperity of money energy.
  • Remain open to any and all revenue channels that might align with our personal interests and passions.


Reiki and energy money explained

Reiki Symbols Used for Enhancing Money Energy

1.) The Power Symbol

Mantra – “Let the healing begin here”

The Power symbol, or CKR, is one of the most popular symbols used for Reiki healing. It is often thought of as the symbol of Power, Protection, and Prosperity. This is an excellent symbol for releasing energetic blocks and achieving goals.

2.) Mental Emotional Symbol

Mantra – “As above, so below”

This symbol is used for improving relationships, healing emotional blockages, improving memory, and changing habits.

3.) Kriya Symbol

Mantra – “Manifestation through action”

A Karuna Reiki symbol, the Kriya is used for manifesting out goals and visions. It is also used for grounding.

4.) Midas Star

Mantra – “I live an abundant life”

The Midas star is a non-traditional Reiki symbol that is taught in the Seichem and Karuna Reiki systems. It is known as the prosperity symbol. King Midas was a king of great fortune who ruled the country of Phrygia, in the west-central part of Anatolia.

5.) The Dollar Symbol

Mantra – “Gratitude for all that I have and all I receive”

The dollar symbol is not a Reiki symbol per se, but it is the globally recognized symbol for money. I use this symbol for blessing the money I have and asking that it be multiplied 10 fold.

Note: If you do not have the Reiki symbols, or even if you have no Reiki training at all, you can use the mantra associated with each symbol. Taking classes from a Reiki Master will allow you to learn and fully activate the Reiki symbols.


Money is an energy system and we can learn how to work with the energy with more effectiveness and skill. Reiki is the perfect modality for helping us to heal blockages and creating new channels for the energy of money to flow freely.

Sending you distant healing and a beautiful beam of light to bless and multiply your money energy!

Reiki Blessings,


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