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Using Teddy Bears for Distant Reiki

My first Reiki teacher, Sara Simpson, taught me how to do distant Reiki using a teddy bear for a prop. She said that the teddy bear gave her a hands-on tool, and helped her visualize the person receiving the distant Reiki. After class, one student was enjoying holding the teddy bear. My teacher told him that he could take the stuffed bear home if he liked it. She explained that the bear had received a lot of Reiki over the past few months and that cuddling with the bear would be a comforting way to enjoy a Reiki treatment.

Inanimate Objects and Reiki

It had never dawned on me that an inanimate object could “hold a Reiki charge”. I was fascinated by the idea. But then again, the thought of sending healing energy across a distance was new to me, as well. So, I remained open-minded. Later in my practice, I would learn that any object can receive and benefit from Reiki.

The Distant Reiki Teddy Bear Technique

The technique is a simple one. When you sit down to send distant Reiki to a friend, take your stuffy into your lap. After a few deep breaths, put your hands in Gassho position (prayer position) and ask your Reiki guides to use the stuffed animal as a conduit to reach your friend. Once you have connected with your distant Reiki symbols and you feel ready to send Reiki, you simply place your hands on or over the teddy bear, just as you would a real person. You can turn the bear over to place your hands on his back, or you can sit the bear up and place your hands on his shoulders and head. Use your Reiki imagination and go with the flow. It’s ok if you feel a bit silly at first. The Reiki will still be flowing to your friend.

The Reiki Teddy Bear Gives Back

You can cuddle with the Reiki teddy bear when you need Reiki for yourself. You might find an opportunity to pass the Reiki teddy bear on to someone who needs the comfort of Reiki. What a wonderful gift!

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