Reiki prayer for peace

Reiki can be a Powerful Tool for World Peace

With cable news and the internet, it’s hard to escape the reality of war on our planet. Seeing the images on your screen of suffering and destruction can have a deeply troubling effect on your psyche. When it seems that the world around you is falling apart, and you feel powerless to do anything, turn to your Reiki practice for comfort and peace.

Creating Inner Peace Contributes to Outer Peace

Do not underestimate the power of Reiki and prayer. Each thought that we have toward peace and compassion ripples out through the universe like a wave.

Follow the steps below to create your inner peace and send out your unique healing vibrations to the world.


  1. The first manner of business is to calm yourself with self-Reiki. Whether you have the time to do a full treatment on yourself, or if you only have a few moments to place your hands on your heart center, opening yourself up to the healing benefits of Reiki will soothe and relax you. You can also practice the Reiki Breathing technique to become balanced and tranquil. This will strengthen the power of your healing power. Once you feel calm and centered, move on to the next step.
  2. Use your Reiki symbols, especially SHK, the emotional symbol, to send out healing to war-torn areas. Imagine the people, the cities, the roads, the buildings… imagine them all being held in the beautiful white light of love. Surround the government officials, the armies, and the soldiers with the healing glow of Reiki.
  3. If possible, print a map of the area, or you can draw a simple map. Place your hands over the map and using the Power symbol, bathe the entire region in Reiki energy. You can also draw the Reiki symbols on top of the map. If you don’t yet have the symbols, draw a heart and send prayers and healing thoughts to the people and the country.
  4. If you can, ask your Reiki friends to join you at a certain time to send Reiki for the peace efforts. There is strength in numbers.
  5. Try and limit your intake of news. Read and watch only the bare minimum to be informed. Don’t subject yourself to too many images of death and destruction because this will leave your energy depleted and less able to share your healing.
  6. Finally, once you have sent your Reiki prayers and energy, ask your enlightened beings and Reiki guides to continue the work. Have faith. Let go.

Reiki Prayer for Peace

Reiki Prayer for Peace

May all the lightkeepers, enlightened beings, and Reiki guides join with the Divine Spirit, Mother Earth, and Father Sky to send healing and protection to all innocent people who are caught in the trauma and chaos of war. Let us imagine powerful healing taking place in the hearts and minds of those making the decision to attack or invade their neighbors. May we believe that peace is possible and that miracles happen every day. Let us also remember that when we practice non-violence in our own lives, we are planting seeds of compassion for the entire world.

~ Shanti

Join the World Peace Card Reiki Meditation

Reiki master, William Lee Rand, has placed World Peace Crystal Grids all over the world and he asks that all Reiki people join in to meditate on world peace on the same days of the year. You can print out cards and use them in your meditation or Reiki practice. Follow this link to learn more and to see the upcoming dates for the World Peace meditation.

Reiki works at Just the Right Speed

Reiki has an intelligence of its own, and it will travel to the right people and places at just the right time. You do not have to worry. Just send the energy and leave the rest up to the universe. And remember, every moment you spend doing Reiki, you are contributing to the evolution of consciousness. Your energy is vibrating at a unique level and it matters to your family, your community, and to the world.

May the Peace of the Universe always surround you,


How do I Learn Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing art passed down from teacher to student. You can learn Reiki in person or online. Finding an experienced Reiki teacher is important. The first level is Reiki I where you will learn how to do self-Reiki and hands-on Reiki healing for others.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that involves transmitting universal healing energy to one’s self or to others. After receiving Reiki training, a practitioner turns on the Reiki healing in their hands simply through intention, and they can further empower the Reiki healing by focusing on the Reiki symbols. Reiki can be sent distantly by those who have Reiki II training. 

Is Reiki Real?

Reiki is real! Reiki healing has been used for over a hundred years, around the world. Because Reiki is not a part of the medical or pharmaceutical industry, very few studies have been done. Reiki has spread very rapidly because those who practice Reiki and those who receive it often report beneficial effects, especially for reducing anxiety and relieving chronic pain. Reiki is used in several hundred hospitals in the U.S. as a complementary therapy.

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