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Reiki Teaches us to Care for Ourselves

For many of us, taking care of others takes priority over taking care of ourselves. I believe the single greatest benefit of Reiki is learning how to receive love, and as a result, learning how to make the care of ourselves a top priority. The irony is that as we begin to value our own well-being we become infinitely better at expressing love and compassion to others.

The Physical Benefits of Self-Reiki

Once we allow the Reiki energy to flow through us, via self-Reiki on a daily basis, miracles can occur in our physical, mental, and spiritual health. On a physical level, Reiki calms our nervous system, lowers our blood pressure, increases our feel-good hormones, and improves our immune system. This allows our bodies to heal more rapidly and maintain normal functions. 

Reiki Improves our Mental Health

On a mental level, self-Reiki reduces stress, focuses our thoughts on healing and love, and gives us a sense of control over our health. Most people report a deep feeling of gratitude and love after a self-Reiki session. 

Spiritual Connections are Strengthened

On a spiritual level, self-Reiki strengthens our connection to the higher force in which we place our beliefs. Important religious figures like Jesus and the Buddha often become our Reiki guides. This brings us even closer in relationship to them.

Our Relationships are Deepened

As these beautiful changes begin to occur, we become the best version of ourselves – more loving, more energetic, less judgemental, and wiser. Our presence in others’ lives becomes more positive, more valued than ever before. Our intuition is sharper so we know when our loved ones need us, as well as when they need to learn lessons on their own. We are content to act as a safety net instead of trying to push others onto a path that we deem “appropriate”.

So, in caring for ourselves and doing self-Reiki every day, we can truly and authentically be there for ourselves, our friends, and our family. Because we are centered and healthy we can be a shining light for them, helping to illuminate their unique and beautiful path.

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