Reiki for Hurricanes

Hurricane Reiki

I live on the Gulf Coast where the hurricane season lasts from July through October. Hurricanes can be scary and dangerous, but Reiki is the perfect tool to remain calm and safe.

Hurricane Wind Direction

A hurricane forms because of northerly winds colliding with southerly winds. In the Northern hemisphere, where I live, hurricanes spin counterclockwise, while hurricanes in the Southern hemisphere spin clockwise. This is due to the Coriolis effect, which is fun to research if you are interested in hurricane science. 

The Energy Effects of a Hurricane

I have always felt (this my intuition speaking) that hurricanes, spinning counterclockwise, pick up and disperse energy, which has a cleansing effect. I believe that the Coastal area where I live has good energy partly because of the regular cleansing caused by hurricanes. I’ve also noticed that the region attracts people who are interested in natural healing, spirituality, and mysticism. People who are tuned into the energy of other people and places will know exactly what I am talking about.

The downside of hurricanes is that the extreme winds can be very damaging to manmade structures and can cause loss of life to humans, animals, and ecosystems. For newcomers especially, hurricanes can be intimidating and frightening. 

Reiki Technique for Protection from a Hurricane

My approach with Reiki and hurricanes is this: I give gratitude to the hurricane for the purpose she plays in the Earth’s weather cycles. I send Reiki directly to the storm, respectfully asking her to slow down as she approaches land. I imagine her dropping speed by picking up cooler water from the lower layers of the ocean. I bathe the area of projected landfall in healing Reiki energy. I place a protective Reiki bubble around all those unable to evacuate. I send Reiki to all first responders and see them being protected so they can respond to anyone who needs their help. Finally,  I begin and end my hurricane Reiki with a few moments of self Reiki.

Doing Reiki before and during a hurricane will be very calming and it will give you a sense of control, however subtle, with the most powerful force known – Mother Nature.

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