Reiki Shower

Shower Yourself with Reiki

A warm shower is a therapy in and of itself. With a little Reiki awareness, it can become a healing session. I like to imagine that each droplet of water contains a Reiki symbol. I often use the Cho Ku Rei symbol and repeat the mantra “Let the Healing Begin Here” as the Reiki water showers me from head to toe. If I have an achy area of my body I spend a little extra time there. Once, after a move, I strained my lower back moving a desk. My daily Reiki shower gave me more relief than anything else!

The Connection Between Reiki and Water

Water is a natural element, and already in tune with the energy of Reiki. This is why we often feel more balanced and spiritually connected when we are near the ocean, rivers, and waterfalls. Mikao Usui, or as his Japanese students called him, Usui Sensai, visited a sacred mountain north of Kyoto, Japan. He often sat there near the waterfalls to meditate. Some believe this is where he began to receive his connection to Reiki.

Use Your Imagination to Turn on Reiki

Remember, all it takes to turn Reiki on is your awareness of Reiki. Just the thought that the water contains Reiki energy is all you need, but if you want to beam Reiki into a tub full of water that will work too. Use your imagination and be creative during your daily shower or bath. And, of course, any time you can visit a waterfall, or any large body of water, take some time to make a Reiki connection with the energy of the water. 


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