Protect Yourself from Toxic Behavior with Reiki 

It’s very important to set energetic boundaries in order to protect your energy field. Setting boundaries on an energetic and mental level can be done using Reiki. If you have not learned Reiki yet, you can visualize healing energy instead.

If you are being exposed to toxic behavior it’s time to make a decision that you will no longer absorb the lower vibrational frequencies of negative, hurtful, or manipulative people. 

Steps for Creating Energetic Boundaries


  • Write about it.
    • Write a letter about how you are feeling about the negative behavior. Be honest and go into detail. If you are writing a letter to a person, you may never deliver the letter because it is mainly for your own healing. The main thing is to just get it down on paper!
    • Make a list of the incidents, and be sure to note what the circumstances were… who, what when, and where it happened.
    • Make some notes about what you might be getting out of the toxic situation. Be honest with yourself. For example, do you love complaining about your emotionally immature boss? Write or say the words “I release the need for this toxic behavior and any role I play in its existence”.
    • Once all the details are on paper, send it Reiki or healing energy. Afterward, you can burn the paper as a closing ceremony.


  • Draw it and name it.
    • Make a drawing of something that represents the toxic behavior or situation. Nothing fancy…it can just be a black blob if you like.
    • Name the behavior, something like “My sister’s insults”.
    • Next, draw yourself, even a stick man is ok, with a fence or boundary around you. If you like, create an aura around yourself with the colors of the rainbow. The point is that you have identified and named the negative situation, and you have literally drawn a boundary around yourself for protection. 
    • Place your hands over your drawing and send Reiki. Use your symbols if you have them. Repeat the mantra “I am shielded from this toxic behavior/situation, Name of Behavior/Situation“.
energetic boundaries
  • Freeze it.
    • Write a short description of the toxic behavior on a piece of paper and place it in the freezer. Visualize freezing the energy of the situation so that it no longer has power over you. The freezing technique is very effective for cutting connections to energy vampires or negative influences in your life. 
  • Use Crystals.
    • Infuse any crystals you have with your Reiki symbols and place them near you in your home.
    • When in the presence of those who are operating at a lower vibrational level, keep the crystals in your pocket, your purse, or use them in a necklace. The crystals will help you keep your vibrational level high, even in the presence of toxic behavior. Amethyst is wonderful for absorbing negative energy and promoting tranquility.

These techniques for creating energetic boundaries are powerful because you are using multiple sensory functions to reinforce the boundaries in your mind. You are then blessing the situation with Reiki, and letting it go.

How to Help Loved Ones with Toxic Behavior

Sometimes the person we need to set boundaries with is a loved one. One of the benefits of energetic boundaries is that they can allow us to protect ourselves while still in the presence of those who show disturbing behavior. Once you have practiced setting energetic boundaries, you can focus on trying to help those close to you with their hurtful behavior. Chances are if the behavior is hurting you it is also hurting them.

The best way to help people while they are experiencing negative emotions is to stay centered and remain present. Keeping your vibrational level high while theirs is low, and resisting the urge to be drawn into the negativity will be the greatest gift you can give them, and yourself. 

As long as you are not in danger, staying present with your loved ones and sitting with them in non-judgment during their outbursts will be very helpful and soothing to them. This may be the highest act of love. It is not easy, and it takes a high degree of awareness and centeredness. If you can do this, you will notice that the negative behaviors begin to diminish over time.

Last, but not least, do self-care every single day. Check out this simple technique to calm anxiety. This technique works even if you are not trained in Reiki.

Here’s to setting boundaries, the ultimate act of self-care!



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