Reiki technique of Byosen scanning

Byosen Scanning Technique

In the practice of Reiki, a technique called Byosen scanning is used to find areas of the body or energy field that need healing.

The word, Byosen, comes from two Japanese words. Byo means illness or sickness. San means line or place. So, Byosen means a place of sickness. 

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, taught his students Byosen scanning in order to locate areas to focus their Reiki healing. This technique can be used on ourselves as well as on others.

Asking for Assistance

Before starting the Byosen scan, put your hands in prayer position (Gassho) as you would normally do before practicing Reiki. Ask your Reiki guides and enlightened beings to open your 3rd eye and assist you in finding the areas of dis-ease. With your hands in prayer position, gently tap your thumbs against your 3rd eye (6th chakra located between your eyebrows). Your 3rd eye is an instrument for gaining insight into subtle energy.

How to Scan for Byosen

Typically, Reiki practitioners use their non-dominant hand to begin the Byosen scan. You can listen to your inner voice to tell you where to begin the scan, but a good starting place is over the crown chakra. Placing your hand about 1 – 12 inches away from the body, slowly begin to move your hand over the body. As you are scanning, try to let go of your thinking mind and allow your hand to move at will.

It should feel as though you are zoning out and allowing your Reiki guides or some higher part of yourself to move your hand. Stay focused on your palm for any change. Trust your intuition.

If you feel anything in your hand, such as heat, cold, tingling, energy disturbance or just a sense that you need to stop, then stop moving and begin to give the area Reiki with both hands.

Being Aware of the Subtle Energy Field

As you are treating the area, be aware of the subtle energy field surrounding the body. The energy field can extend out several inches, and sometimes several feet from the physical body. Moving your hands slowly towards the body and then away will put you in touch with the energy field. If your “Reiki intuition” tells you to practice Reiki with your hands a foot or two away from the body, listen and trust your instinct. Sometimes there are energy blockages in the outer layers of the aura that need Reiki more than the physical body.

After you have spent a few minutes giving Reiki to the area, continue scanning the rest of the body. Once you have scanned and treated the whole body and energy field, you can rescan again to make sure everything feels clear and balanced.

Byosen scanning is one of the 4 pillars of Reiki. In the beginning, your mental activity may block your 3rd eye abilities. It is a skill that gets easier over time with practice. Asking your Reiki guides for help in the area of intuition is very helpful. 

Other Uses for Byosen Scanning

You can practice Byosen scanning on house plants, trees, pets, and food. Scanning any living thing will help you feel the subtle energy of its life force.

Try scanning produce to find the freshest fruits and vegetables at the market. Simply hold your hand over the fruit to feel for a strong life force. Trust your intuition.

Keep practicing Byosen scanning on yourself, your family, and your pets. Eventually, you will begin to develop your “Reiki intuition” which will help you with discerning many life situations.

For additional resources on subtle energy:

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