Reiki Prayer for Election


Reiki Prayer for Election 

To our Reiki Guides, Angels, and Enlightened Beings

We ask for a shield of light to protect us from any chaos and confusion in the election of government officials, and for the wisdom to turn away from those in the media who profit from delivering inflammatory and misleading news.

Transform our anxious minds into clear, still pools of peace and contentment. Open our eyes to the beauty in the world, including the beauty of imperfect humans because we are here to learn from each other and grow together.

Open our ears to the lovely sounds of nature and the sweet voices of our friends and neighbors. Help us remember how good humanity is when we interact with the men and women in our community with open hearts.

Inspire us to listen to each other, and to learn and grow together in order to become a better union. Help us recognize the false illusion that the “others” are a threat to us, for the “others” are a false narrative designed to create fear and panic.

Give our hearts the knowledge that it is less important which political party wins an election than what wins the hearts of the people.

Remind us that every day we have a choice to vote for love over hate, joy over bitterness, open-mindedness over dogma, forgiveness over revenge, and patience over belligerence

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