Reiki and Yoga

Reiki and Yoga


Reiki and Yoga have so much in common that people are often attracted to both practices. While they each have their unique history, both Reiki and Yoga find their origins in the East.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing and stress reduction. As a hands-on healing practice, Reiki is used around the world for self-healing and as complementary medicine in homes and hospitals. Reiki translates into “universal life force”. 

Yoga means “the yoking of the mind and body”. Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that involves physical poses, breathwork, and mental concentration. Whether young or old, Yoga can be used to calm the mind and strengthen the body.


5 Ways to use Reiki in your Yoga Practice


1.) Opening your Yoga Practice

Most Yogis take a few minutes to focus on their breath and calm their minds before beginning the postures. Many times they will set an intention for their practice. This is the perfect time to ask your Reiki guides to be present during your practice and visualize any symbols that may be helpful to you.

2.) Practice your Hatha Yoga with Intention

This part of Yoga includes the physical postures, which can range from a gentle floor pose to dynamic standing poses. Use your Reiki intuition while practicing your postures. Listen to your body and trust yourself. You will know when to come out of a posture or go into your child’s pose. Learning to trust yourself is a part of your journey to healing.

3.) Deepen your Breathing

Your body and mind will remember all those self-Reiki sessions you have given yourself. Remember your Reiki breathing and the way you breathe in healing light and breathe out any dis-ease. Your experience with Reiki will be a wonderful complement to your practice of pranayama.

4.) Add a Healing Boost to your Savasana

The corpse pose at the end of your practice is when you can soak in all the benefits of your yoga postures. Use the Reiki mantra “Let the healing begin here” to increase the healing power of your Savasana. You can even rest your Reiki hands on your heart or belly during this relaxation pose.

5.) Self-care during Recovery

Yoga is meant to challenge our physical bodies. Whether it’s a lively vinyasa flow or deep, opening postures, Yogis often experience physical and emotional releases. Fire up your Reiki hands to treat your sore muscles and joints. Use your mental/emotional symbol to help process old wounds. Reiki is the perfect solution for physical and emotional self-care after your Yoga practice.


Creating Your Unique Daily Practice


Reiki and Yoga make an amazing combination of healing arts. The Western mind tends to compartmentalize things, but you can take pieces of each practice that resonates with you and incorporate them together. There are many other modalities that blend well with Reiki and Yoga, such as Tai Chi, Chi Qong, Pilates, dance, and gymnastics. Use them together to create a unique daily practice to build your strength and health, bring you joy, and guide you on your journey to healing.

Stay in the Reiki Light.




Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

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